1: Life On The Limit


There are few sports that can be represented by a single digit. Formula One motor racing can be. 1.

It's the simple title of a documentary movie that has just been released in the UK. (The film was shown at the London Film Festival last year, and also had an online release limited to the USA. This will be its' official public release.)

"1: Life On The Limit' (to give it its' full title)...

...charts Formula One's journey from its comparatively humble beginnings in post-war Britain, through to the game-changing events of the 1976 season recently examined in the smash hit Rush, as well as the untimely death of F1 superstar Ayrton Senna. In so doing, 1: Life On The Limit showcases a world where drivers were akin to rock stars and where safety definitely wasn't always put first.

The movie is narrated by Michael Fassbender, features a lot of rare archive footage, and claims the most comprehensive selection of F1 interviews ever collected.

Looking at the list of people featured in the film, that claim is probably not far wrong: Ecclestone, Mosley, Stewart, Watkins, Schumacher, Jordan, Vettel, Hamilton, Button, Andretti, Fittipaldi, Scheckter, Lauda, Ickx, Hill, Mansell. All are mentioned in the official trailer for "1", which you'll find below.

Sadly, no news of any release dates outside of the UK just yet.

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