2015 Formula 1 Mid-Season Quiz

Formula Fans Quiz MS-2015

Formcheckula Fans 2015 Mid-Season Quiz

10 down, and just 9 rounds of the 2015 F1 season left to go. With the Formula 1 teams on their official mandatory mid-season break, it's a good time for Formula Fans to take a breather from the on-track action and relax a little too.

But even when relaxing, true F1 fans never really stop thinking about the sport and to help keep those fast moving minds of yours on track :), here's our extended F1 Mid-Season Quiz.

As there is no prize for this quiz, it is available to all users. However, Unregistered users will have to supply a name and email address at the end of the quiz. This will impact on the time to submit your quiz, so we recommend you Register a Free User Account now (and/or Login if you are already registered) before starting the quiz. It's Formula 1 folks. Every millisecond saved may well be the difference between a P1 and a P10 finish.

Lights out! Go! Go! Go!

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Quiz leaders are determined by both accuracy and speed, with accuracy being the more important. A high score rates more than a fast time. Time to submit only becomes a factor when scores are equal. In that case, the faster time to submit is what determines the leader. In very rare situations where both scores and time are equal, the person who completed the quiz earlier is awarded the higher position.

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Quiz questions are created by our resident F1 Quizmaster Junaid Samodien. His questions are then selected, researched, compiled, and have additional info added by Greg. If there are errors always, always #BlameGreg.

Junaid can be found on Twitter (@JunaidSamodien_) where he live tweets during Grands Prix, and keeps his followers updated with regular F1 news and views. Follow him now, you wont regret it.