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F1 World Drivers' Champion 2008 . 2014

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Carl Hamilton

Formula One Career Statistics

United Kingdom flagFrom an early age Lewis Hamilton attracted attention as a potential F1 champion and he did not disappoint. Equipped with an assured racing style which belief his years, Hamilton rose rapidly through the ranks, a rise which culminated in becoming the sport's youngest world champion at the time in 2008, his second season in the sport.

Hamilton has polarised opinion during his time in F1 but is undoubtedly one of a dying breed of thoroughbred racers, with his desire to win races at all times winning him fans but also costing him plenty of races. Earmarked for great things from a young age, he is undoubtedly the most talented British driver of his generation and is closing down on Nigel Mansell's benchmark of 31 victories.

His career since his title has not been straightforward. Though he seemed destined to add multiple titles to his name, he came crashing back to earth with a bang in 2009 as McLaren handed him a dud of a car which did not win a race until Hungary - by which time the title was long gone. 2010 provided renewed hope, though collisions at crucial moments in the season put paid to his title ambitions. Despite a 14-year association with the team, he left McLaren for pastures new in 2012 after reliability issues hampered his title charge. After winning a race on his debut season at Mercedes, he looks likely to challenge for a world title once again in 2014.

Hamilton took his first steps towards F1 in 1993, aged eight, when he started karting at Rye House Kart Circuit in his home county of Hertfordshire. By ten he was British Champion and on collecting his award at the Autosport Awards Ceremony, the youngster approached McLaren team boss Ron Dennis and told him, "I want to race for you one day." Dennis wrote in his autograph book that he should "give him a call in nine years". Less than three years later Dennis signed Hamilton to the McLaren Mercedes Young Driver Support Programme with the intention of developing him into the ultimate racing driver.

The funding enabled Hamilton to progress to single-seaters and the Formula Renault series in 2002, a championship he won in his second year with two rounds remaining. In 2004 he moved up to the Formula 3 Euroseries and again in his second year took a dominant win. He followed this up by winning the GP2 series at his first attempt in 2006 with Nelson Piquet Jr as his only real opposition.

After the departure of Kimi Raikkonen to Ferrari and Juan Pablo Montoya to NASCAR, McLaren found themselves requiring two drivers for the 2007 season. In November the news came that the racing fraternity had long been expecting - Hamilton would drive for McLaren in 2007 alongside Spaniard Fernando Alonso.

NameLewis Hamilton
CountryUnited Kingdom United Kingdom
Place of BirthStevenage, England
Date of Birth07 January 1985
First RaceAustralian Grand Prix 18 March 2007
Last RaceMonaco Grand Prix 24 May 2015
First PoleCanadian Grand Prix 10 June 2007
Last PoleMonaco Grand Prix 24 May 2015
First WinCanadian Grand Prix 10 June 2007
Last WinBahrain Grand Prix 19 April 2015
First PodiumAustralian Grand Prix 18 March 2007
Last PodiumMonaco Grand Prix 24 May 2015
User Ranking344

Formula One Summary

Drivers' Titles2
Fastest Laps22

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Finish Positions

1ˢᵗ36 Times
2ⁿᵈ21 Times
3ʳᵈ19 Times
4ᵗʰ13 Times
5ᵗʰ15 Times
6ᵗʰ5 Times
7ᵗʰ5 Times
8ᵗʰ4 Times
9ᵗʰ4 Times
10ᵗʰ2 Times
12ᵗʰ4 Times
13ᵗʰ2 Times
14ᵗʰ1 Time
16ᵗʰ1 Time
18ᵗʰ1 Time
19ᵗʰ1 Time
DSQ1 Time
Ret19 Times

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Lewis Hamilton




Race Wins

Complete Formula 1 Race Record >>click to expand<<
1542015Monaco Grand Prix44Mercedes AMG F1 TeamMercedes1315
1532015Spanish Grand Prix44Mercedes AMG F1 TeamMercedes2218
1522015Bahrain Grand Prix44Mercedes AMG F1 TeamMercedes1125
1512015Chinese Grand Prix44Mercedes AMG F1 TeamMercedes1125
1502015Malaysian Grand Prix44Mercedes AMG F1 TeamMercedes1218
1492015Australian Grand Prix44Mercedes AMG F1 TeamMercedes1125
1482014Abu Dhabi Grand Prix44MercedesMercedes2150
1472014Brazilian Grand Prix44MercedesMercedes2218
1462014United States Grand Prix44MercedesMercedes2125
1452014Russian Grand Prix44MercedesMercedes1125
1442014Japanese Grand Prix44MercedesMercedes2125
1432014Singapore Grand Prix44MercedesMercedes1125
1422014Italian Grand Prix44MercedesMercedes1125
1412014Belgian Grand Prix44MercedesMercedes2RetDamage0
1402014Hungarian Grand Prix44MercedesMercedes22315
1392014German Grand Prix44MercedesMercedes20315
1382014British Grand Prix44MercedesMercedes6125
1372014Austrian Grand Prix44MercedesMercedes9218
1362014Canadian Grand Prix44MercedesMercedes2RetBrakes0
1352014Monaco Grand Prix44MercedesMercedes2218
1342014Spanish Grand Prix44MercedesMercedes1125
1332014Chinese Grand Prix44MercedesMercedes1125
1322014Bahrain Grand Prix44MercedesMercedes2125
1312014Malaysian Grand Prix44MercedesMercedes1125
1302014Australian Grand Prix44MercedesMercedes1RetEngine0
1292013Brazilian Grand Prix10MercedesMercedes592
1282013United States Grand Prix10MercedesMercedes5412
1272013Abu Dhabi Grand Prix10MercedesMercedes476
1262013Indian Grand Prix10MercedesMercedes368
1252013Japanese Grand Prix10MercedesMercedes3RetPuncture Damage0
1242013Korean Grand Prix10MercedesMercedes2510
1232013Singapore Grand Prix10MercedesMercedes5510
1222013Italian Grand Prix10MercedesMercedes1292
1212013Belgian Grand Prix10MercedesMercedes1315
1202013Hungarian Grand Prix10MercedesMercedes1125
1192013German Grand Prix10MercedesMercedes1510
1182013British Grand Prix10MercedesMercedes1412
1172013Canadian Grand Prix10MercedesMercedes2315
1162013Monaco Grand Prix10MercedesMercedes2412
1152013Spanish Grand Prix10MercedesMercedes2120
1142013Bahrain Grand Prix10MercedesMercedes9510
1132013Chinese Grand Prix10MercedesMercedes1315
1122013Malaysian Grand Prix10MercedesMercedes4315
1112013Australian Grand Prix10MercedesMercedes3510
1102012Brazilian Grand Prix4McLarenMercedes1RetCollision0
1092012United States Grand Prix4McLarenMercedes2125
1082012Abu Dhabi Grand Prix4McLarenMercedes1RetFuel pressure0
1072012Indian Grand Prix4McLarenMercedes3412
1062012Korean Grand Prix4McLarenMercedes3101
1052012Japanese Grand Prix4McLarenMercedes9510
1042012Singapore Grand Prix4McLarenMercedes1RetGearbox0
1032012Italian Grand Prix4McLarenMercedes1125
1022012Belgian Grand Prix4McLarenMercedes7RetCollision0
1012012Hungarian Grand Prix4McLarenMercedes1125
1002012German Grand Prix4McLarenMercedes7RetPuncture damage0
992012British Grand Prix4McLarenMercedes884
982012European Grand Prix4McLarenMercedes2190
972012Canadian Grand Prix4McLarenMercedes2125
962012Monaco Grand Prix4McLarenMercedes3510
952012Spanish Grand Prix4McLarenMercedes2484
942012Bahrain Grand Prix4McLarenMercedes284
932012Chinese Grand Prix4McLarenMercedes7315
922012Malaysian Grand Prix4McLarenMercedes1315
912012Australian Grand Prix4McLarenMercedes1315
902011Brazilian Grand Prix3McLarenMercedes4RetGearbox0
892011Abu Dhabi Grand Prix3McLarenMercedes2125
882011Indian Grand Prix3McLarenMercedes576
872011Korean Grand Prix3McLarenMercedes1218
862011Japanese Grand Prix3McLarenMercedes3510
852011Singapore Grand Prix3McLarenMercedes4510
842011Italian Grand Prix3McLarenMercedes2412
832011Belgian Grand Prix3McLarenMercedes2RetCollision0
822011Hungarian Grand Prix3McLarenMercedes2412
812011German Grand Prix3McLarenMercedes2125
802011British Grand Prix3McLarenMercedes10412
792011European Grand Prix3McLarenMercedes3412
782011Canadian Grand Prix3McLarenMercedes5RetCollision0
772011Monaco Grand Prix3McLarenMercedes968
762011Spanish Grand Prix3McLarenMercedes3218
752011Turkish Grand Prix3McLarenMercedes4412
742011Chinese Grand Prix3McLarenMercedes3125
732011Malaysian Grand Prix3McLarenMercedes284
722011Australian Grand Prix3McLarenMercedes2218
712010Abu Dhabi Grand Prix2McLarenMercedes2218
702010Brazilian Grand Prix2McLarenMercedes4412
692010Korean Grand Prix2McLarenMercedes4218
682010Japanese Grand Prix2McLarenMercedes8510
672010Singapore Grand Prix2McLarenMercedes3RetCollision0
662010Italian Grand Prix2McLarenMercedes5RetCollision0
652010Belgian Grand Prix2McLarenMercedes2125
642010Hungarian Grand Prix2McLarenMercedes5RetGearbox0
632010German Grand Prix2McLarenMercedes6412
622010British Grand Prix2McLarenMercedes4218
612010European Grand Prix2McLarenMercedes3218
602010Canadian Grand Prix2McLarenMercedes1125
592010Turkish Grand Prix2McLarenMercedes2125
582010Monaco Grand Prix2McLarenMercedes5510
572010Spanish Grand Prix2McLarenMercedes314Wheel0
562010Chinese Grand Prix2McLarenMercedes6218
552010Malaysian Grand Prix2McLarenMercedes2068
542010Australian Grand Prix2McLarenMercedes1168
532010Bahrain Grand Prix2McLarenMercedes4315
522009Abu Dhabi Grand Prix1McLarenMercedes1RetBrakes0
512009Brazilian Grand Prix1McLarenMercedes1736
502009Japanese Grand Prix1McLarenMercedes336
492009Singapore Grand Prix1McLarenMercedes1110
482009Italian Grand Prix1McLarenMercedes112Accident0
472009Belgian Grand Prix1McLarenMercedes12RetCollision0
462009European Grand Prix1McLarenMercedes128
452009Hungarian Grand Prix1McLarenMercedes4110
442009German Grand Prix1McLarenMercedes5180
432009British Grand Prix1McLarenMercedes19160
422009Turkish Grand Prix1McLarenMercedes16130
412009Monaco Grand Prix1McLarenMercedes19120
402009Spanish Grand Prix1McLarenMercedes1490
392009Bahrain Grand Prix1McLarenMercedes545
382009Chinese Grand Prix1McLarenMercedes963
372009Malaysian Grand Prix1McLarenMercedes1271
362009Australian Grand Prix1McLarenMercedes18DSQDisqualified0
352008Brazilian Grand Prix22McLarenMercedes454
342008Chinese Grand Prix22McLarenMercedes1110
332008Japanese Grand Prix22McLarenMercedes1120
322008Singapore Grand Prix22McLarenMercedes236
312008Italian Grand Prix22McLarenMercedes1572
302008Belgian Grand Prix22McLarenMercedes136
292008European Grand Prix22McLarenMercedes228
282008Hungarian Grand Prix22McLarenMercedes154
272008German Grand Prix22McLarenMercedes1110
262008British Grand Prix22McLarenMercedes4110
252008French Grand Prix22McLarenMercedes13100
242008Canadian Grand Prix22McLarenMercedes1RetCollision0
232008Monaco Grand Prix22McLarenMercedes3110
222008Turkish Grand Prix22McLarenMercedes328
212008Spanish Grand Prix22McLarenMercedes536
202008Bahrain Grand Prix22McLarenMercedes3130
192008Malaysian Grand Prix22McLarenMercedes954
182008Australian Grand Prix22McLarenMercedes1110
172007Brazilian Grand Prix2McLarenMercedes272
162007Chinese Grand Prix2McLarenMercedes1RetSpun off0
152007Japanese Grand Prix2McLarenMercedes1110
142007Belgian Grand Prix2McLarenMercedes445
132007Italian Grand Prix2McLarenMercedes228
122007Turkish Grand Prix2McLarenMercedes254
112007Hungarian Grand Prix2McLarenMercedes1110
102007European Grand Prix2McLarenMercedes1090
92007British Grand Prix2McLarenMercedes136
82007French Grand Prix2McLarenMercedes236
72007United States Grand Prix2McLarenMercedes1110
62007Canadian Grand Prix2McLarenMercedes1110
52007Monaco Grand Prix2McLarenMercedes228
42007Spanish Grand Prix2McLarenMercedes428
32007Bahrain Grand Prix2McLarenMercedes228
22007Malaysian Grand Prix2McLarenMercedes428
12007Australian Grand Prix2McLarenMercedes436


2007 - 2012



2013 - 2015


Teammate Comparison

A season-by-season review of Lewis Hamilton's competitive performance in comparison to each of his teammates.
(Each stat group shows the drivers' information on the left and the teammates' on the right.)

SeasonTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPositionQualifying
2007McLarenFernando Alonso111091094462710107
2008McLarenHeikki Kovalainen1198535171126135
2009McLarenHeikki Kovalainen1449222040116125
2010McLarenJenson Button112402143210127136
2011McLarenJenson Button112272703310910127
2012McLarenJenson Button111901884371119155
2013MercedesNico Rosberg111891711253109118
2014MercedesNico Rosberg11384317115711127712
2015MercedesNico Rosberg1112611632514251