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German flagDespite spending his childhood around the paddock with his father - 1982 world champion Keke - Nico Rosberg was never guaranteed a future in F1. Brought up in Monaco, he was encouraged to pursue other hobbies, and even considered becoming a professional tennis player.

He started karting at the age of 11 and in 2002 he moved up to German Formula BMW, winning the title in his first season with nine victories. At 17 he became the youngest person to drive an F1 car when he was given a test with Williams, and he never looked back. Driving for his father's team, Team Rosberg, he graduated to Formula 3. In 2005 he was offered a place at Imperial College in London to read for a degree in Aeronautics, but decided pursue a career in racing.

His gamble paid off and that year he moved into the GP2 series with ART racing, winning the championship in his rookie year and beating rival Heikki Kovalainen by 15 points. Such an impressive display earned him a seat with Williams for the 2006 season, alongside Mark Webber.

His debut at the 2006 Bahrain Grand Prix could not have been more impressive. After an early collision with Nick Heidfeld, which saw him slip to the back of the field, he recovered to secure his first points by finishing seventh. In the process, he also became the youngest driver ever to record a fastest lap. In his second race he qualified third, only to bow out on the third lap with engine failure. He ended his rookie season in 17th, with four points.

NameNico Rosberg
CountryGermany Germany
Place of BirthWiesbaden, Germany
Date of Birth27 June 1985
First RaceBahrain Grand Prix 12 March 2006
Last RaceMonaco Grand Prix 24 May 2015
First PoleChinese Grand Prix 15 April 2012
Last PoleSpanish Grand Prix 10 May 2015
First WinChinese Grand Prix 15 April 2012
Last WinMonaco Grand Prix 24 May 2015
First PodiumAustralian Grand Prix 16 March 2008
Last PodiumMonaco Grand Prix 24 May 2015
User Ranking48

I know that I am very lucky to have a father like that and it has helped my career but in the end you are the one who is racing and results are yours.
No matter how good a driver you are, you have to have the right car and the right team behind you in order to succeed.
Winning at Monaco feels unbelievable, because it's such a special race and it's also my home race. My first memories were of watching Ayrton Senna here with his yellow helmet, and one day dreaming to win the Monaco GP.

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Drivers' Titles0
Fastest Laps10

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1ˢᵗ10 Times
2ⁿᵈ15 Times
3ʳᵈ7 Times
4ᵗʰ8 Times
5ᵗʰ15 Times
6ᵗʰ16 Times
7ᵗʰ14 Times
8ᵗʰ9 Times
9ᵗʰ10 Times
10ᵗʰ9 Times
11ᵗʰ9 Times
12ᵗʰ6 Times
13ᵗʰ3 Times
14ᵗʰ5 Times
15ᵗʰ4 Times
16ᵗʰ4 Times
17ᵗʰ1 Time
19ᵗʰ1 Time
Ret26 Times
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Nico Rosberg

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Nico Rosberg: Williams (2006-2009), Mercedes (2010-2015)

Williams (2006-2009)

Williams F1 Team

Williams F1 Team


Mercedes AMG F1

Mercedes AMG F1

Formula 1 Teammate Comparison

SeasonTeamTeam MateBest PosPointsWinsPolesPositionQualifying
2006WilliamsMark Webber76470000711513
2007WilliamsAlexander Wurz6315130000106151
Kazuki Nakajima4105000001010
2008WilliamsKazuki Nakajima261790000117135
2009WilliamsKazuki Nakajima4934.500000143143
2010MercedesMichael Schumacher34142720000145154
2011MercedesMichael Schumacher5489760000127163
2012MercedesMichael Schumacher13934910101010128
2013MercedesLewis Hamilton111711892135910811
2014MercedesLewis Hamilton11317384511117712127
2015MercedesLewis Hamilton1111612623152415
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1722015Monaco Grand Prix6Mercedes AMG F1 TeamMercedes2125
1712015Spanish Grand Prix6Mercedes AMG F1 TeamMercedes1125
1702015Bahrain Grand Prix6Mercedes AMG F1 TeamMercedes3315
1692015Chinese Grand Prix6Mercedes AMG F1 TeamMercedes2218
1682015Malaysian Grand Prix6Mercedes AMG F1 TeamMercedes3315
1672015Australian Grand Prix6Mercedes AMG F1 TeamMercedes2218
1662014Abu Dhabi Grand Prix6MercedesMercedes1140
1652014Brazilian Grand Prix6MercedesMercedes1125
1642014United States Grand Prix6MercedesMercedes1218
1632014Russian Grand Prix6MercedesMercedes2218
1622014Japanese Grand Prix6MercedesMercedes1218
1612014Singapore Grand Prix6MercedesMercedes2RetWiring loom0
1602014Italian Grand Prix6MercedesMercedes2218
1592014Belgian Grand Prix6MercedesMercedes1218
1582014Hungarian Grand Prix6MercedesMercedes1412
1572014German Grand Prix6MercedesMercedes1125
1562014British Grand Prix6MercedesMercedes1RetGearbox0
1552014Austrian Grand Prix6MercedesMercedes3125
1542014Canadian Grand Prix6MercedesMercedes1218
1532014Monaco Grand Prix6MercedesMercedes1125
1522014Spanish Grand Prix6MercedesMercedes2218
1512014Chinese Grand Prix6MercedesMercedes4218
1502014Bahrain Grand Prix6MercedesMercedes1218
1492014Malaysian Grand Prix6MercedesMercedes3218
1482014Australian Grand Prix6MercedesMercedes3125
1472013Brazilian Grand Prix9MercedesMercedes2510
1462013United States Grand Prix9MercedesMercedes1292
1452013Abu Dhabi Grand Prix9MercedesMercedes3315
1442013Indian Grand Prix9MercedesMercedes2218
1432013Japanese Grand Prix9MercedesMercedes1084
1422013Korean Grand Prix9MercedesMercedes476
1412013Singapore Grand Prix9MercedesMercedes2412
1402013Italian Grand Prix9MercedesMercedes668
1392013Belgian Grand Prix9MercedesMercedes4412
1382013Hungarian Grand Prix9MercedesMercedes419Engine0
1372013German Grand Prix9MercedesMercedes1192
1362013British Grand Prix9MercedesMercedes2125
1352013Canadian Grand Prix9MercedesMercedes4510
1342013Monaco Grand Prix9MercedesMercedes1125
1332013Spanish Grand Prix9MercedesMercedes168
1322013Bahrain Grand Prix9MercedesMercedes192
1312013Chinese Grand Prix9MercedesMercedes4RetSuspension0
1302013Malaysian Grand Prix9MercedesMercedes6412
1292013Australian Grand Prix9MercedesMercedes6RetElectrical0
1282012Brazilian Grand Prix8MercedesMercedes9150
1272012United States Grand Prix8MercedesMercedes17130
1262012Abu Dhabi Grand Prix8MercedesMercedes7RetCollision0
1252012Indian Grand Prix8MercedesMercedes10110
1242012Korean Grand Prix8MercedesMercedes9RetCollision damage0
1232012Japanese Grand Prix8MercedesMercedes13RetCollision0
1222012Singapore Grand Prix8MercedesMercedes10510
1212012Italian Grand Prix8MercedesMercedes676
1202012Belgian Grand Prix8MercedesMercedes23110
1192012Hungarian Grand Prix8MercedesMercedes13101
1182012German Grand Prix8MercedesMercedes21101
1172012British Grand Prix8MercedesMercedes11150
1162012European Grand Prix8MercedesMercedes668
1152012Canadian Grand Prix8MercedesMercedes568
1142012Monaco Grand Prix8MercedesMercedes2218
1132012Spanish Grand Prix8MercedesMercedes676
1122012Bahrain Grand Prix8MercedesMercedes5510
1112012Chinese Grand Prix8MercedesMercedes1125
1102012Malaysian Grand Prix8MercedesMercedes7130
1092012Australian Grand Prix8MercedesMercedes7120
1082011Brazilian Grand Prix8MercedesMercedes676
1072011Abu Dhabi Grand Prix8MercedesMercedes768
1062011Indian Grand Prix8MercedesMercedes768
1052011Korean Grand Prix8MercedesMercedes784
1042011Japanese Grand Prix8MercedesMercedes23101
1032011Singapore Grand Prix8MercedesMercedes776
1022011Italian Grand Prix8MercedesMercedes9RetAccident0
1012011Belgian Grand Prix8MercedesMercedes568
1002011Hungarian Grand Prix8MercedesMercedes792
992011German Grand Prix8MercedesMercedes676
982011British Grand Prix8MercedesMercedes968
972011European Grand Prix8MercedesMercedes776
962011Canadian Grand Prix8MercedesMercedes6110
952011Monaco Grand Prix8MercedesMercedes7110
942011Spanish Grand Prix8MercedesMercedes776
932011Turkish Grand Prix8MercedesMercedes3510
922011Chinese Grand Prix8MercedesMercedes4510
912011Malaysian Grand Prix8MercedesMercedes9120
902011Australian Grand Prix8MercedesMercedes7RetCollision damage0
892010Abu Dhabi Grand Prix4MercedesMercedes9412
882010Brazilian Grand Prix4MercedesMercedes1368
872010Korean Grand Prix4MercedesMercedes5RetCollision0
862010Japanese Grand Prix4MercedesMercedes617Wheel0
852010Singapore Grand Prix4MercedesMercedes7510
842010Italian Grand Prix4MercedesMercedes7510
832010Belgian Grand Prix4MercedesMercedes1468
822010Hungarian Grand Prix4MercedesMercedes6RetWheel0
812010German Grand Prix4MercedesMercedes984
802010British Grand Prix4MercedesMercedes5315
792010European Grand Prix4MercedesMercedes12101
782010Canadian Grand Prix4MercedesMercedes868
772010Turkish Grand Prix4MercedesMercedes6510
762010Monaco Grand Prix4MercedesMercedes676
752010Spanish Grand Prix4MercedesMercedes8130
742010Chinese Grand Prix4MercedesMercedes4315
732010Malaysian Grand Prix4MercedesMercedes2315
722010Australian Grand Prix4MercedesMercedes6510
712010Bahrain Grand Prix4MercedesMercedes5510
702009Abu Dhabi Grand Prix16WilliamsToyota990
692009Brazilian Grand Prix16WilliamsToyota7RetGearbox0
682009Japanese Grand Prix16WilliamsToyota754
672009Singapore Grand Prix16WilliamsToyota3110
662009Italian Grand Prix16WilliamsToyota18160
652009Belgian Grand Prix16WilliamsToyota1081
642009European Grand Prix16WilliamsToyota754
632009Hungarian Grand Prix16WilliamsToyota545
622009German Grand Prix16WilliamsToyota1545
612009British Grand Prix16WilliamsToyota754
602009Turkish Grand Prix16WilliamsToyota954
592009Monaco Grand Prix16WilliamsToyota663
582009Spanish Grand Prix16WilliamsToyota981
572009Bahrain Grand Prix16WilliamsToyota990
562009Chinese Grand Prix16WilliamsToyota7150
552009Malaysian Grand Prix16WilliamsToyota480.5
542009Australian Grand Prix16WilliamsToyota563
532008Brazilian Grand Prix7WilliamsToyota18120
522008Chinese Grand Prix7WilliamsToyota14150
512008Japanese Grand Prix7WilliamsToyota15110
502008Singapore Grand Prix7WilliamsToyota828
492008Italian Grand Prix7WilliamsToyota5140
482008Belgian Grand Prix7WilliamsToyota15120
472008European Grand Prix7WilliamsToyota981
462008Hungarian Grand Prix7WilliamsToyota14140
452008German Grand Prix7WilliamsToyota13100
442008British Grand Prix7WilliamsToyota2090
432008French Grand Prix7WilliamsToyota19160
422008Canadian Grand Prix7WilliamsToyota5100
412008Monaco Grand Prix7WilliamsToyota6RetAccident0
402008Turkish Grand Prix7WilliamsToyota1181
392008Spanish Grand Prix7WilliamsToyota15RetEngine0
382008Bahrain Grand Prix7WilliamsToyota881
372008Malaysian Grand Prix7WilliamsToyota16140
362008Australian Grand Prix7WilliamsToyota736
352007Brazilian Grand Prix16WilliamsToyota1045
342007Chinese Grand Prix16WilliamsToyota15160
332007Japanese Grand Prix16WilliamsToyota16RetElectronics0
322007Belgian Grand Prix16WilliamsToyota563
312007Italian Grand Prix16WilliamsToyota863
302007Turkish Grand Prix16WilliamsToyota872
292007Hungarian Grand Prix16WilliamsToyota472
282007European Grand Prix16WilliamsToyota11RetSpun off0
272007British Grand Prix16WilliamsToyota17120
262007French Grand Prix16WilliamsToyota990
252007United States Grand Prix16WilliamsToyota1416Engine0
242007Canadian Grand Prix16WilliamsToyota7100
232007Monaco Grand Prix16WilliamsToyota5120
222007Spanish Grand Prix16WilliamsToyota1163
212007Bahrain Grand Prix16WilliamsToyota10100
202007Malaysian Grand Prix16WilliamsToyota6RetHydraulics0
192007Australian Grand Prix16WilliamsToyota1272
182006Brazilian Grand Prix10WilliamsCosworth13RetCollision0
172006Japanese Grand Prix10WilliamsCosworth10100
162006Chinese Grand Prix10WilliamsCosworth15110
152006Italian Grand Prix10WilliamsCosworth12RetDriveshaft0
142006Turkish Grand Prix10WilliamsCosworth14RetWater leak0
132006Hungarian Grand Prix10WilliamsCosworth18RetElectrical0
122006German Grand Prix10WilliamsCosworth14RetAccident0
112006French Grand Prix10WilliamsCosworth18140
102006United States Grand Prix10WilliamsCosworth2190
92006Canadian Grand Prix10WilliamsCosworth6RetAccident0
82006British Grand Prix10WilliamsCosworth1290
72006Monaco Grand Prix10WilliamsCosworth8RetAccident0
62006Spanish Grand Prix10WilliamsCosworth13110
52006European Grand Prix10WilliamsCosworth2272
42006San Marino Grand Prix10WilliamsCosworth13110
32006Australian Grand Prix10WilliamsCosworth14RetAccident Damage0
22006Malaysian Grand Prix10WilliamsCosworth3RetEngine0
12006Bahrain Grand Prix10WilliamsCosworth1272
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