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Formula One (or Formula 1 or F1) is referred to officially as the "FIA Formula One World Championship".

It is the highest class of single-seater motor racing sanctioned by the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA). The "formula" in the name refers to a specific set of rules and regulations which all cars must comply with. The formula has radically evolved and changed through the history of the sport.

The F1 season consists of a series of races, known as Grands Prix (from French, originally meaning 'great prizes'), held throughout the world on purpose-built circuits and public roads.

Giuseppe "Nino" Farina, winner of the first official Formula 1 Grand Prix at Silverstone, 1950

Giuseppe "Nino" Farina, winner of the first official Formula 1 Grand Prix at Silverstone, 1950

The results of each race are evaluated using a points system to determine two annual World Championships: the first for individual drivers, and the second for constructor teams. At present, F1 teams must field two cars in a season. Race points scored by both cars in a team contribute to the Constructors' World Championship

The racing drivers, constructor teams, track officials, organisers, and circuits are required to be holders of valid Super Licences, the highest class of racing licence issued by the FIA.

F1 cars are, on average, the fastest circuit-racing cars in the world, capable of reaching straight-line racing speeds of up to 350 km/h (220 mph). The aerodynamic stability, as well as very high levels of downforce and mechanical grip F1 cars produce ensure high speed levels are carried through corners as well.

Modern Formula 1 circuits are all multi-turn asphalt tracks. In earlier years a number of oval circuits were used in a season as well.

Giuseppe "Nino" Farina, takes F1s first official chequered flag victory at Silverstone, 1950

Giuseppe "Nino" Farina, takes F1s first official chequered flag victory at Silverstone, 1950

Europe is considered the sports traditional base, and hosts about half of each years races. Europe also provides a base of operations for all the present F1 teams. During recent years an increasing number of Grands Prix are held on other continents.

F1 had a total global television audience of 527-million people during the 2010 season.

Whilst Grand Prix motor racing has been recorded as early as in 1906, it only became truly popular on a global scale in the 2nd half of the twentieth century.

The World Drivers' Championship was only formalised in 1947, with the first World Championship race held at Silverstone in the UK in 1950. A separate championship for constructors was launched in 1958.

Formula 1 Seasons

Formula One

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Formula 1 Drivers' World Championship Winners

1950Italy Nino FarinaAlfa Romeo
1951Argentina Juan Manuel FangioAlfa Romeo
1952Italy Alberto AscariFerrari
1953Italy Alberto AscariFerrari
1954Argentina Juan Manuel FangioMercedes
1955Argentina Juan Manuel FangioMercedes
1956Argentina Juan Manuel FangioFerrari
1957Argentina Juan Manuel FangioMaseratiMaseratiMaserati
1958United Kingdom Mike HawthornFerrariVanwallVanwall
1959Australia Jack BrabhamCooper-ClimaxCooper-ClimaxClimax
1960Australia Jack BrabhamCooper-ClimaxCooper-ClimaxMaserati
1961United States Phil HillFerrariFerrariFerrari
1962United Kingdom Graham HillBRMBRMBRM
1963United Kingdom Jim ClarkLotusLotusBRM
1964United Kingdom John SurteesFerrariFerrariFerrari
1965United Kingdom Jim ClarkLotusLotusClimax
1966Australia Jack BrabhamBrabhamBrabhamRepco
1967New Zealand Denny HulmeBrabhamBrabhamRepco
1968United Kingdom Graham HillLotusLotusFord
1969United Kingdom Jackie StewartMatraMatraFord
1970Austria Jochen RindtLotusLotusFord
1971United Kingdom Jackie StewartTyrrellTyrrellFord
1972Brazil Emerson FittipaldiLotusLotusFord
1973United Kingdom Jackie StewartTyrrellLotusFord
1974Brazil Emerson FittipaldiMcLarenMcLarenFord
1975Austria Niki LaudaFerrariFerrariFerrari
1976United Kingdom James HuntMcLarenFerrariFerrari
1977Austria Niki LaudaFerrariFerrariFerrari
1978United States Mario AndrettiLotusLotusFord
1979South Africa Jody ScheckterFerrariFerrariFerrari
1980Australia Alan JonesWilliamsWilliamsFord
1981Brazil Nelson PiquetBrabhamWilliamsFord
1982Finland Keke RosbergWilliamsFerrariFerrari
1983Brazil Nelson PiquetBrabhamFerrariFerrari
1984Austria Niki LaudaMcLarenMcLarenTAG
1985France Alain ProstMcLarenMcLarenTAG
1986France Alain ProstMcLarenWilliamsHonda
1987Brazil Nelson PiquetWilliamsWilliamsHonda
1988Brazil Ayrton SennaMcLarenMcLarenHonda
1989France Alain ProstMcLarenMcLarenHonda
1990Brazil Ayrton SennaMcLarenMcLarenHonda
1991Brazil Ayrton SennaMcLarenMcLarenHonda
1992United Kingdom Nigel MansellWilliamsWilliamsRenault
1993France Alain ProstWilliamsWilliamsRenault
1994Germany Michael SchumacherBenettonWilliamsRenault
1995Germany Michael SchumacherBenettonBenettonRenault
1996United Kingdom Damon HillWilliamsWilliamsRenault
1997Canada Jacques VilleneuveWilliamsWilliamsRenault
1998Finland Mika HäkkinenMcLarenMcLarenMercedes
1999Finland Mika HäkkinenMcLarenFerrariFerrari
2000Germany Michael SchumacherFerrariFerrariFerrari
2001Germany Michael SchumacherFerrariFerrariFerrari
2002Germany Michael SchumacherFerrariFerrariFerrari
2003Germany Michael SchumacherFerrariFerrariFerrari
2004Germany Michael SchumacherFerrariFerrariFerrari
2005Spain Fernando AlonsoRenaultRenaultRenault
2006Spain Fernando AlonsoRenaultRenaultRenault
2007Finland Kimi RäikkönenFerrariFerrariFerrari
2008United Kingdom Lewis HamiltonMcLarenFerrariFerrari
2009United Kingdom Jenson ButtonBrawnBrawnMercedes
2010Germany Sebastian VettelRed BullRed BullRenault
2011Germany Sebastian VettelRed BullRed BullRenault
2012Germany Sebastian VettelRed BullRed BullRenault
2013Germany Sebastian VettelRed BullRed BullRenault
2014United Kingdom Lewis HamiltonMercedesMercedesMercedes

Formula One
Adolf BrudesAdolfo Schewelm CruzAdrián CamposAdrian Sutil
Aguri SuzukiAJ FoytAl HermanAl Keller
Al PeaseAlain de ChangyAlain ProstAlan Brown
Alan JonesAlan ReesAlan RollinsonAlan Stacey
Albert ScherrerAlberto AscariAlberto ColomboAlberto Crespo
Alberto Rodriguez LarretaAlberto UriaAldo GordiniAlessandro de Tomaso
Alessandro NanniniAlessandro Pesenti-RossiAlessandro ZanardiAlex Blignaut
Alex CaffiAlex RibeiroAlex Soler-RoigAlex Yoong
Alexander WurzAlfonso de PortagoAlfonso ThieleAlfredo Piàn
Allan McNishAllen BergAndré GuelfiAndré Milhoux
André PiletteAndré SimonAndré TestutAndré Lotterer
Andrea ChiesaAndrea de AdamichAndrea de CesarisAndrea Montermini
Andy LindenAndy SutcliffeAntônio PizzoniaAnthony Davidson
Antonio CreusArchie Scott BrownArt BischArt Cross
Arthur LegatArthur OwenArturo MerzarioAyrton Senna
Azdrubal FontesBasil van RooyenBayliss LevrettBen Pon
Beppe GabbianiBernard CollombBernard de DryverBernd Schneider
Bernie EcclestoneBertil RoosBertrand GachotBill Aston
Bill BrackBill CantrellBill CheesbourgBill Holland
Bill HomeierBill MackeyBill MossBill Schindler
Bill VukovichBill WhitehouseBilly GarrettBob Anderson
Bob BondurantBob ChristieBob EvansBob Gerard
Bob SaidBob ScottBob SweikertBob Veith
Bobby BallBobby GrimBobby RahalBobby Unser
Boy HayjeBrausch NiemannBrett LungerBrian Gubby
Brian HartBrian HentonBrian McGuireBrian Naylor
Brian RedmanBrian Shawe TaylorBruce HalfordBruce Johnstone
Bruce KesslerBruce McLarenBruno GiacomelliBruno Senna
Bud TingelstadCal NidayCarel Godin de BeaufortCarl Forberg
Carl ScarboroughCarlo AbateCarlo FacettiCarlos Menditeguy
Carlos PaceCarlos ReutemannCarlos Sainz Jr.Carroll Shelby
Cecil GreenCesare PerdisaCharles de TornacoCharles Pic
Charles PozziChet MillerChico LandiChico Serra
Chris AmonChris BristowChris CraftChris Irwin
Chris LawrenceChristian DannerChristian FittipaldiChristian Goethals
Christian KlienChristijan AlbersChuck ArnoldChuck Daigh
Chuck StevensonChuck WeyantClaudio LangesClay Regazzoni
Clemar BucciClemente BiondettiCliff AllisonCliff Griffith
Clive PuzeyColin ChapmanColin DavisConny Andersson
Consalvo SanesiCorrado FabiCristiano da MattaCuth Harrison
Damien MageeDamon HillDan GurneyDaniel Ricciardo
Daniil KvyatDanny KladisDanny OngaisDanny Sullivan
Dave CharltonDave KennedyDave MorganDave Walker
David BrabhamDavid ClaphamDavid CoulthardDavid Hampshire
David HobbsDavid MurrayDavid PiperDavid Prophet
David PurleyDempsey WilsonDennis PooreDennis Taylor
Denny HulmeDerek BellDerek DalyDerek Warwick
Desiré WilsonDesmond TitteringtonDick GibsonDick Rathmann
Didier PironiDieter QuesterDivina GalicaDomenico Schiattarella
Don BeaumanDon BransonDon EdmundsDon Freeland
Dorino SerafiniDoug SerrurierDries van der LofDuane Carter
Duke DinsmoreDuke NalonDuncan HamiltonEd Elisian
Eddie CheeverEddie IrvineEddie JohnsonEddie Keizan
Eddie RussoEddie SachsEdgar BarthEitel Cantoni
Elie BayolElio de AngelisEliseo SalazarElmer George
Emanuele NaspettiEmanuele PirroEmerson FittipaldiEmilio de Villota
Emilio ZapicoEnrico BertaggiaEnrique BernoldiEppie Wietzes
Eric BernardEric BrandonEric ThompsonEric van de Poele
Erik ComasErnesto BrambillaErnesto PrinothErnie de Vos
Ernie McCoyErnie PieterseErnst KlodwigErnst Loof
Erwin BauerEsteban GutiérrezEsteban TueroEttore Chimeri
Eugène ChaboudEugène MartinEugenio CastellottiFabrizio Barbazza
Felice BonettoFelipe MassaFelipe NasrFernando Alonso
François CevertFrançois HesnaultFrançois MazetFrançois Migault
François PicardFranck LagorceFranck MontagnyFranco Comotti
Franco ForiniFranco RolFrank ArmiFrank Dochnal
Frank GardnerFred AgabashianFred GambleFred Wacker
Fritz d'OreyFritz RiessGérard LarrousseGünther Bechem
Günther SeiffertGabriele TarquiniGaetano StarrabbaGary Brabham
Gary HockingGastón MazzacaneGekiGene Force
Gene HartleyGeoff CrossleyGeoff DukeGeoff Lees
George AbecassisGeorge AmickGeorge ConnorGeorge Constantine
George EatonGeorge FollmerGeorge FonderGeorges Berger
Georges GrignardGerhard BergerGerhard MitterGerino Gerini
Gerry AshmoreGiancarlo BaghettiGiancarlo FisichellaGianfranco Brancatelli
Gianmaria BruniGianni MorbidelliGiedo van der GardeGijs Van Lennep
Gilles VilleneuveGimaxGino BiancoGino Munaron
Giorgio BassiGiorgio FranciaGiorgio PantanoGiorgio Scarlatti
Giovanna AmatiGiovanni de RiuGiovanni LavaggiGiulio Cabianca
Graham HillGraham McRaeGraham WhiteheadGregor Foitek
Gunnar NilssonGus HutchisonGuy EdwardsGuy Ligier
Guy MairesseGuy TunmerHans BinderHans Herrmann
Hans HeyerHans Joachim StuckHans KlenkHans Von Stuck
Hans-Joachim StuckHap SharpHarald ErtlHarry Blanchard
Harry SchellHector RebaqueHeikki KovalainenHeini Walter
Heinz SchillerHeinz-Harald FrentzenHelmut MarkoHelmut Niedermayr
Helmuth KoiniggHenri LouveauHenri PescaroloHenry Banks
Henry TaylorHerbert MacKay-FraserHermann LangHernando da Silva Ramos
Hideki NodaHiroshi FushidaHorace GouldHowden Ganley
Hubert HahneHuub RothengatterIan AshleyIan Burgess
Ian RabyIan ScheckterIan StewartIgnazio Giunti
Ingo HoffmannInnes IrelandIvan CapelliIvor Bueb
Jac NellemanJack BrabhamJack FairmanJack Lewis
Jack McGrathJack TurnerJackie HolmesJackie Lewis
Jackie OliverJackie PretoriusJackie StewartJacky Ickx
Jacques LaffiteJacques PolletJacques SwatersJacques Villeneuve
Jacques Villeneuve (elder)Jaime AlguersuariJames HuntJan Flinterman
Jan LammersJan MagnussenJarno TrulliJay Chamberlain
Jean AlesiJean BehraJean LucasJean Lucienbonnet
Jean-Christophe BoullionJean-Denis DélétrazJean-Eric VergneJean-Louis Schlesser
Jean-Marc GounonJean-Pierre BeltoiseJean-Pierre JabouilleJean-Pierre Jarier
Jenson ButtonJerome d'AmbrosioJerry HoytJerry Unser
Jesús IglesiasJim ClarkJim CrawfordJim Hall
Jim HurtubiseJim McWitheyJim RathmannJim Rigsby
Jimmy BryanJimmy DaviesJimmy DaywaltJimmy Jackson
Jimmy ReeceJimmy StewartJJ LehtoJo Bonnier
Jo GartnerJo SchlesserJo SiffertJo Vonlanthen
Joachim WinkelhockJochen MassJochen RindtJody Scheckter
Joe FryJoe JamesJoe KellyJohn Barber
John Campbell-JonesJohn CannonJohn CordtsJohn Fitch
John JamesJohn LoveJohn MilesJohn Nicholson
John RhodesJohn Riseley-PrichardJohn SurteesJohn Taylor
John WatsonJohnnie ParsonsJohnnie TolanJohnny Boyd
Johnny CecottoJohnny ClaesJohnny DumfriesJohnny Herbert
Johnny MantzJohnny McDowellJohnny Servoz-GavinJohnny Thomson
Joie ChitwoodJonathan PalmerJonathan WilliamsJorge Daponte
Jos VerstappenJosé DolhemJosé Froilán GonzálezJosef Peters
Juan JoverJuan Manuel BordeuJuan Manuel FangioJuan Pablo Montoya
Jud LarsonJules BianchiJulian BaileyJustin Wilson
Jyrki JärvilehtoKamui KobayashiKarl KlingKarl Wendlinger
Karun ChandhokKazuki NakajimaKazuyoshi HoshinoKeith Andrews
Keith GreeneKeke RosbergKen DowningKen Kavanagh
Ken MilesKen RichardsonKen WhartonKenneth McAlpine
Kenny AchesonKevin CoganKevin MagnussenKimi Räikkönen
Kunimitsu TakahashiKurt AdolffKurt AhrensKurt Ahrens Jr.
Kurt KuhnkeLamberto LeoniLance MacklinLance Reventlow
Larry CrockettLarry PerkinsLee WallardLella Lombardi
Len DuncanLen SuttonLeo KinnunenLes Leston
Leslie JohnsonLeslie MarrLeslie ThorneLewis Hamilton
Lloyd RubyLorenzo BandiniLoris KesselLouis Chiron
Louis RosierLuca BadoerLucas di GrassiLuciano Burti
Lucien BianchiLudovico ScarfiottiLuigi FagioliLuigi Musso
Luigi PiottiLuigi TaramazzoLuigi VilloresiLuis Perez-Sala
Luiz BuenoLuki BothaMário de Araújo CabralMack Hellings
Manfred WinkelhockManny AyuloMarc GenéMarc Surer
Marcel BalsaMarco ApicellaMarcus EricssonMaria Teresa de Filippis
Mario AndrettiMario de Araujo CabralMark BlundellMark Donohue
Mark WebberMarkus WinkelhockMarshall TeagueMartin Brundle
Martin DonnellyMasahiro HasemiMassimiliano PapisMassimo Natili
Masten GregoryMaurício GugelminMauri RoseMaurice Trintignant
Mauro BaldiMax ChiltonMax de TerraMax Jean
Max VerstappenMenato BoffaMichael AndrettiMichael Bartels
Michael BleekemolenMichael MayMichael SchumacherMichel Leclère
Michele AlboretoMiguel Angel GuerraMika HäkkinenMika Salo
Mike BeuttlerMike FisherMike HailwoodMike Harris
Mike HawthornMike MacDowelMike MagillMike Nazaruk
Mike ParkesMike SparkenMike SpenceMike Taylor
Mike ThackwellMike WildsMikko KozarowitzkyMoisés Solana
Myron FohrNanni GalliNaoki HattoriNarain Karthikeyan
Nasif EstéfanoNello PaganiNelson PiquetNelson Piquet Jr.
Neville LederleNick HeidfeldNico HulkenbergNico Rosberg
Nicola LariniNicolas KiesaNigel MansellNiki Lauda
Nino FarinaNino VaccarellaNorberto FontanaNoritake Takahara
Olivier BerettaOlivier GendebienOlivier GrouillardOlivier Panis
Onofre MarimónOscar Alfredo GálvezOscar GonzálezOscar Larrauri
Oswald KarchOtto StuppacherOttorino VolonterioPablo Birger
Paco GodiaPaddy DriverPaolo BarillaPascal Fabre
Pastor MaldonadoPat FlahertyPat O'ConnorPatrick Depailler
Patrick FriesacherPatrick GaillardPatrick NèvePatrick Neve
Patrick TambayPaul BelmondoPaul di RestaPaul Emery
Paul EnglandPaul FrèrePaul GoldsmithPaul Hawkins
Paul PietschPaul RussoPedro ChavesPedro de la Rosa
Pedro DinizPedro LamyPedro RodríguezPedro Rodriguez
Perry McCarthyPete LovelyPeter ArundellPeter Ashdown
Peter BroekerPeter CollinsPeter de KlerkPeter Gethin
Peter HirtPeter RevsonPeter RyanPeter Walker
Peter WestburyPeter WhiteheadPhil CadePhil Hill
Philip Fotheringham-ParkerPhilippe ÉtancelinPhilippe AdamsPhilippe Alliot
Philippe StreiffPiercarlo GhinzaniPierluigi MartiniPiero Carini
Piero DrogoPiero DusioPiero MonteverdiPiero Scotti
Piero TaruffiPierre LeveghPierre-Henri RaphanelPiers Courage
Prince BiraRalf SchumacherRalph FirmanRaul Boesel
Ray CrawfordRay ReedRaymond SommerRed Amick
Reg ParnellReine WisellRené ArnouxRenato Pirocchi
Renzo ZorziRicardo LondoñoRicardo RodríguezRicardo Rodriguez
Ricardo RossetRicardo ZontaRicardo ZuninoRiccardo Paletti
Riccardo PatreseRiccardo RossetRichard AttwoodRichard Robarts
Richie GintherRikky von OpelRob SchroederRob Slotemaker
Robert DoornbosRobert DrakeRobert KubicaRobert La Caze
Robert ManzonRobert O'BrienRoberto BonomiRoberto Bussinello
Roberto GuerreroRoberto LippiRoberto MerhiRoberto Mieres
Roberto MorenoRobin Montgomerie-CharringtonRobin WiddowsRodger Ward
Rodney NuckeyRoelof WunderinkRoger LaurentRoger Loyer
Roger PenskeRoger WilliamsonRoland RatzenbergerRolf Stommelen
Romain GrosjeanRon FlockhartRonnie BucknumRonnie Peterson
Roy SalvadoriRubens BarrichelloRudi FischerRudolf Krause
Rudolf SchoellerRupert KeeganSébastien BourdaisSakon Yamamoto
Sam HanksSam PoseySam TingleSatoru Nakajima
Scott SpeedSebastian VettelSébastien BuemiSergio Mantovani
Sergio PérezShinji NakanoShorty TemplemanSiegfried Stohr
Silvio MoserSkip BarberSlim BorguddSpider Webb
Stéphane SarrazinStefan BellofStefan JohanssonStefano Modena
Stephen SouthStirling MossStuart Lewis-EvansSyd van der Vyver
Taki InoueTakuma SatoTarso MarquesTed Whiteaway
Teddy PiletteTeo FabiTheo FitzauTheo Helfrich
Thierry BoutsenThomas MonarchTiago MonteiroTiff Needell
Tim ParnellTim SchenkenTimmy MayerTimo Glock
Tom BelsøTom BridgerTom JonesTom Pryce
Tomáš EngeTommy ByrneToni BrancaToni Ulmen
Tony BettenhausenTony BriseTony BrooksTony Crook
Tony GazeTony MaggsTony MarshTony Rolt
Tony SettemberTony ShellyTony TrimmerToranosuke Takagi
Torsten PalmToshio SuzukiToulo de GraffenriedTrevor Blokdyk
Trevor TaylorTroy RuttmanUkyo KatayamaUmberto Maglioli
Valtteri BottasVern SchuppanVic ElfordVic Wilson
Vincenzo SospiriVitaly PetrovVitantonio LiuzziVittorio Brambilla
Volker WeidlerWalt AderWalt BrownWalt Faulkner
Walt HansgenWarwick BrownWayne WeilerWill Stevens
Willi HeeksWilly MairesseWilson FittipaldiWolfgang Seidel
Wolfgang von TripsXavier PerrotYannick DalmasYuji Ide
Yves Giraud CabantousZsolt Baumgartner  
Formula One
AdamsAFMAGSAlfa RomeoAlta
AmonAndrea ModaApollonArrowsArzani-Volpini
Aston ButterworthAston MartinATSBARBehra-Porsche
BellasiBenettonBMWBMW SauberBoro
Copersucar-FittipaldiDallaraDe TomasoDeidtDel Roy
Euro BrunEwingFergusonFerrariFittipaldi
FondmetalFootworkForce IndiaFortiFrazer-Nash
HillHispaniaHondaHWMIso Marlboro
KojimaKurtis KraftKuzmaLamboLancia
Leyton HouseLifeLigierLolaLotus
RAMRERebaqueRed BullRenault
StewartSuper AguriSurteesSuttonTalbot-Lago
Toro RossoToyotaTrevisTrojanTurner
Formula One
AcerAlfa RomeoAltaArrowsAsiatech
Aston ButterworthAston MartinATSBMWBMW Sauber
Cummins DieselDe TomasoEMWERAEuropean
MercedesMilanoMotori ModerniMugen-HondaNovi
PlatéPlaylifePorschePratt & WhitneyRenault

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