Welcome to Formula Fans!


Welcome race fans to Formula Fans, a site for all things motorsporty.

With an initial focus on the world of Formula 1, Formula Fans hopes to expand its' coverage to a number of other motor racing formula, both local and international.

In the pipeline are stats, news and information about:

  • GP2 & GP3 Series'
  • Nascar
  • Indycar
  • DTM
  • Aussie V8s
  • MotoGP (yip, we'll be looking at 2 wheeled racing too)

Be sure to keep track of things via our Twitter Feed, Facebook Page, Newsletter Subscription and RSS Feed too.

Once again, welcome, and thanks again for taking the time!

And now: Gentlemen (and Ladies too!) Start Your Engines! And as Mr. Walker always used to say: “GO! GO! GO!”

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